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Setbacks. Cluster fucks. Epic fails. Yup, it happens to all of us, no matter how “together” our shit seems to be. And don’t even get me started on Mercury-in-retrograde season. UGH!

One step forward, 10 steps back…doesn’t it drive you absolutely crazy?!

As a Type A over-planner, nothing derails me quicker than a cog in the wheel. But if the entrepreneurial roller-coaster has taught me anything this past year, it’s that shit is going to happen. Period. The question is, how do you not get stuck in a downward spiral when it does?

Here are four helpful tips to keep ya movin’:


I’m allllll about the brain dump. Whenever shit hits the fan or I’m in a state of serious overwhelm, I need to write down all the things. Like everything that’s on my mind – all the thoughts, all the fears, all the things that need to get done. Clearing mental space works wonders, plus seeing everything that’s on your mind right there in front of you makes it so much easier to break thoughts down into baby action steps.

Keep a notebook by your bedside table, open a Google dock, or scribble on a post-it – just get that shit out of your beautiful brain and in your face so that you can physically see what’s mentally blocking you. Your list could include anything as simple as “need to buy cat food” to more complex stuff like “the supplier pushed out production dates and everything is now delayed.” Get the small shit done and break down the bigger shit into next steps.


Literally, babe! I’m talkin’ full out dance parties by yourself in your living room, going to a spin class, taking the dog for a walk outside…anything that gets your body moving. I’d lose sanity if it weren’t for my random afternoon dance breaks or sweating my ass off at the gym! Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads and into our bodies to get all the stress, worries and woes out of our system. ‘Cause that mental clutter can put us in a fog of paralyzing overwhelm – and you ‘ain’t got time for that shit, beauty! I promise that a 15-minute shake-it-off break will make you feel hella good. You can thank me later 😉


We forget all the time that nothing’s permanent. Bad times, good times…all of them pass eventually. Sometimes I totally get in a creative funk where I just can’t get inspired or motivated. At all. And rather than be so damn hard on myself for why I feel the way I feel (which is still a work in progress, by the way) I try to remind myself that the slump will pass. And then one day BAM – it’s like a gushing waterfall of creative awesomeness again!

When the setbacks, losses and fails happen, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road, darling. It’s just a detour that can sometimes surprise us in the most magical ways. A change of course can be a very good thing. #trust.


Ahhhh four little-yet-powerful words that can sure put things in perspective. And perspective is everything, my friends! When we’re so close to something we’ve been working our tails off on, our zoomed in lens tends to focus on the things that went wrong or didn’t happen or could have been better. When shit goes sideways it’s so freakin’ hard to not feel defeated, throw up our hands and say, “I’m out!” Especially when try our damned hardest and pour our heart and soul into what we do. But the only thing we can do every day is to show up and give it our very best. That’s it! Give yourself the grace to honour that you did your best. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Any other tips you’ve tired that you’d care to share? Drop a line in the comments below!

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