A one hour brand strategy sesh for DIY beautypreneurs

What if you could spot treat the problem areas in your brand and biz? 

You’d nix the shiz that ain’t working and prioritize what’ll actually move the needle in your business...so that you can up your branding game (and profits) *cue happy dance*


Am I on the right track?

Is my brand missing something?

Where should I focus my efforts?

How can I attract super dreamy customers that keep a-comin’ back for more?

Maybe you’re brand spankin’ new to this entrepreneurial thang OR you’ve been on the beauty scene for more than a hot minute. Either way, one thing’s fo’ sho’: you’re spinning your wheels in analysis paralysis...and that kinda dog-tail-chasing ain’t getting you nowhere (sad trumpet sound).

What would make your #entrepreneurlife wayyyy easier? 
Is a someone to point out your blind spots (hey, we all have ‘em!) and give you some damn direction so that you can take your beauty brand to sparkly new heights.


A one-hour strategy call with yours truly to get your branding woes solved with some clear-cut direction (and a dose of badassery) to get ‘er done.

We'll chat through your burning questions, current struggles, and big goals. I'll provide insights and guidance to help you get clear on your path and next steps!

the clarity call

serenity now




Click on the shiny "Book A Session" button below to schedule your call and complete a brief questionnaire to dish the deets on where you’re at in your biz journey. I’ll mosey into your inbox to confirm your call date and hook you up with a contract and one-time invoice so we can seal the deal.

We’ll jam together on a 1-hour call to dive into your brand and hash out areas for improvement. You’ll get the clarity you need to move forward, with oodles of hand-holding from yours truly (that’s me!)

I’ll send you an Assessment + Action report - a recap of our ah-ha’s (discoveries) and my recommended next steps to amplify your brand with a plan that you can put into action now. KA-POW!

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This is def for you if:

You’re feeling overwhelmed AF and not sure where the heck to start

You’ve got a bajillion ideas running through your brain at all times and have like, zero focus

You second-guess your decisions more often than Bieber's style choices (is it too late now to say sorry?)

You’re looking for some clarity in one area of your brand (we can’t tackle everything in one session, but we can def zone in on what’s hindering your business the most)

You’re a self-motivated go-getter who’s ready to let old habits die hard à la Bruce Willis stylez

How to build + enhance your brand

How to establish your brand voice + message

How to create an awesome customer experience

How to brand your Instagram

How to market your brand in-store and online

How to beat overwhelm

How to be more productive in your business

How to get (and stay) organized

some topics we can cover

Pre-chat questionnaire

60-minute clarity call

Follow-up Assessment + Action report with notes + resources


$250 per session


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Hi, I’m Ashley De Filippis - a totally brand-obsessed chick that helps beautypreneurs develop badass beauty brands! Coupling my behind-the-scenes beauty know-how from the corporate world with an intuitive zest for empowering solopreneurs going at it alone, I started doing this work to help bosses like you build a beauty brand that oozes personality and bumps hearts with your dream customers so that you can get more confident showcasing your stuff and make more bank!

Fueled with a mega-appetite for innovative, sustainable beauty, I founded Hologram Branding to help fellow beauty mavens who want to make a positive impact through their unique products build a brand and business full of heart and soul. 

Still have some Qs popping around that gorgeous head? This will help:

Send me a note at hi@hologrambranding.ca including the topic you’d like to cover and I’ll get back to you letting you know if I can help!

I’d love to partner with you! I offer 3-month branding and business mentorship through my one-on-one program Beauty Brand Rehab - you can check out the deets here.

No problemo, I’m happy to answer anything else to help you decide if this is a fit for you! Feel free to drop me a line at hi@hologrambranding.ca and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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