How to spark joy back into your business

Does your biz feel more blah than Beyoncé lately? Whether you’ve lost some of your creative mojo or just feel in a bit of a funk, sometimes we need a lil’ inspo to spark some joy back into our business.


It’s during these times where I turn to my organizational soulmate, Marie Kondo, and her joy-sparking philosophy that’s centered around a simple-yet-powerful question…


Does it spark joy?   


This straightforward Q gets right to the heart of the matter…’cause if something doesn’t feel awesome, it’s time to let it go. I believe we can take a page outta Marie’s book to approach our business with the same magical methodology.


In this blog, I’m sharing 5 ways to spark joy back into your business so you can bring on the feel-good vibes again.


how to spark joy back into your business

Revive your WHY


When you’re in the weeds of your biz, it’s kinda hard to remember why you started this whole building-your-own-business thing in the first place, amiright?! To spark joy back into your business, it’s important to think about the bigger picture and remind yourself of your WHY.


Why do you do what you do?

What problem are you on a mission to solve?

What’s the change you want to make?


Sometimes your lackluster feels are just ‘cause you’ve lost sight of the intention and original gusto behind your work. Getting back to the heart of why you do what you do ignites that inner passion and purpose you had when you started your entrepreneurial journey. 


Rekindling that internal flame is sure to inspire the inspiration, motivation and innovation that fuels your business so you can move forward with mega clarity and massive momentum.


Explore what’s possible


There’s nothin’ quite joy-sparking like getting all vision-y with it! Your big vision is the starting point for creating a strong brand strategy that’s rooted in intention and impact…so yeah, it’s kinddddd of a big deal.


Exploring what’s possible is your permission slip to dream BIG…without getting caught up in the HOW. This can be tough stuff ‘cause, thanks to our negativity bias, the brain looooves to kaibosh dreamy thinking with all kinds of excuses and ‘what if’ scaries. And ain’t nothin’ gonna pull you into a quickstand of self-doubt faster than that!


But the more you lean into possibility-thinking, the more you can uncover opportunities that propel your business forward, building your confidence in the making.


What sort of business do you dream of building?

What do you want to be known for?

What would be so amazing that you feel shy to even consider it?

Who do you need to become in order to achieve your biggest-and-most-audacious  dreams?


This is about your business on YOUR terms, so let your imagination run wild, m’friend!


Evaluate your shiz


Just like how Marie complies alllllll the contents of a room in one place, you wanna take stock of what you’ve got going on in your biz and assess what’s aligned with your goals (and what’s not).


From your front-facing brand elements to your behind-the-scenes operations, this is about evaluating what’s working and what’s not so that you can discover all the juicy potential within your business.


Are your brand elements aligned to help you achieve these goals in some way?

Is there consistency across all your various branding elements?

Is it obvious at every brand touchpoint what your brand style is and what message you’re trying to convey?

Are you creating the right offerings to serve your audience?

How effective are the systems and processes that you currently have set up within your business? 


Also, take a hard look at how YOU are operating inside your biz. Are you doing the kind of work that you want to be doing? Are your daily tasks bringing you closer to your goals? What needs to change?


Ditch the clutter


Digital clutter. Physical clutter. Mental clutter. Operational clutter. Anything that ain’t sparking joy or serving you ain’t worth hanging on to.


You need head space and heart space to do your most brilliant work. And when you’re bogged down by #allthethings, that diluted focus creates lackluster results. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially a visionary vixen like you!


What can be simplified, streamlined or eliminated altogether?

What projects or tasks feel like a total slog that could be outsourced instead?

What thoughts or beliefs aren’t serving you? What positive, more constructive thoughts can you replace them with?

Are there any “should’s” or “have to’s” that you’re hanging on to that don’t *actually* light you up? What can you ditch?


Decluttering – in all the ways – makes space for creative ideas and new projects flow easily and freely. Truly a beautiful thing!


Bring on the FUN


If it’s not fun, what’s really the point?! The beauty of running your own business is that you can do things however ya damn well please! And this means making things as fun as possible.


Dance breaks. Yoga. Naps. Coffee dates. No-pant Tuesdays. Whatever floats your boat, you do you. Sure, not eh-ver-y-thing in your biz will be super fun (ugh, tax season), but sparking joy in the daily minutiae can really be a game changer for your work life and mental wellbeing.


How can you add more fun into your work life?

What kinda fun breaks or activities can you include in your daily routine?

Who can you surround yourself with to amplify your vibe?


Bringing on the fun in your biz = mega joy-sparking magic indeed


The bottom line


If you could use a little (or a lot) more joy back into your business, I hope that these strategies inspire you to make some sparkly shifts to feel good in your biz again. Drop me a comment below and lemme know which strategy you’re excited to explore!


how to spark joy back into your business

how to spark joy back into your business

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