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how to spark joy back into your business

How to spark joy back into your business

Does your biz feel more blah than Beyoncé lately? Whether you’ve lost some of your creative mojo or just feel in a bit of a funk, sometimes we need a lil’ inspo to spark some joy back into our business.   It’s during these times where I turn to my organizational soulmate, Marie Kondo, and […]

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ceo desk writing

Do you think and act like a CEO in your beauty business?  As the head/only honcho of your beauty business, chances are you’re wearing all the hats: the maker, the service provider, the marketer, the seller, sometimes even the shipper! You’re ALL. THE. THINGS. But do you find yourself spending way more time as the […]


How to think and act like a CEO in your beauty business

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4 limiting beliefs getting in your way of your beauty business growth (and how to overcome them!)

Limiting beliefs. We all have ‘em. And if you’re like what-the-what are limiting beliefs and how does this have anything to do with business, stick with me here. Ever wonder why that dreamy list of ‘projects I’ll launch someday’ tucked away in your notebook never sees the light of day?  Or how many times you’ve […]

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Image source: Craze App via Instagram Setbacks. Cluster fucks. Epic fails. Yup, it happens to all of us, no matter how “together” our shit seems to be. And don’t even get me started on Mercury-in-retrograde season. UGH! One step forward, 10 steps back…doesn’t it drive you absolutely crazy?! As a Type A over-planner, nothing derails […]



Is water the new luxury?

  When it comes to industry trends, I like to keep one foot dipped into each pool – present and future. What’s happening in the here and now also feeds into what will shape the future. Year end always has me looking forward to what’s next – in my life, in my business, and especially […]


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