Intentional strategy + inspired design = one helluva beauty brand lovechild

You want to stand out with your brand out...
but, erm, your lackluster design is telling a different story.

And you truly, madly, deeply want your beauty brand to be:

Too-legit-to-quit…’cause you’re in this biz thing for the long-haul!

Drool-worthy (and buy-worthy)

Unforgettable amidst the competition

True as hell to your vision

There’s just one teeeeeny problem: You have no effing clue how to infuse your unique spark into your brand identity so that it’s unmistakable and unforgettable to all the right peeps.


We’ll get to the heart and soul of what you do, why you do it, and how you’re different—and infuse all of that juicy, differentiating genius into an intentional, oh-so-gorgeous design that turns heads and opens wallets.

a 6-week, one-on-one experience to transform your beauty brand into a sparkly, seductive standout that brings in real cashmoney (and fans fo’ life).

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This is totally your jam if:

You want a brand identity that you’re super in love with and get totally confident promoting to even the trendiest shops

You feel mega-scattered and overwhelmed by all the things you see other beauty brands doing and want to cut out the noise and not be a copycat

You’re ready to make this big vision of yours really come to life in a way that feels goooood!

You have no idea how to showcase your goods in a consistent, cohesive, INTERESTING way that connects with your dream customers and retailers so that you can make more bank (cha-ching!)

You want to stand out in the crowded market and not get lost in a sea of sameness (‘cause seriously, boring ain’t your bag)

You’re ready to breakup with DIY bootstrapping (like, for real this time!) and pass off the branding baton to a team of pros that you can trust

You wanna give customers what they want but still stand out as a totally unique brand at the same time

Because deep down, I know you fear that no matter how much time or money you pour into developing your amazeballs products, you’ll never be as good as “the big guys.”

That noise you hear is me yelling “FALSE!!!!” through my computer. That other noise you hear is me falling off of my chair as I try to give you a hug through the screen.

As a fellow beauty maven who has worked with a mix of both indie and corporate brands, I know first-hand the hustle it takes to make your presence known in the industry and attract customers that keep a-comin’ back for more. And in such an oversaturated marketplace, the struggle to stand out is real, making competition and comparison a constant battle that leaves you totally frustrated and unmotivated. 

That’s why you gotta send out that S.O.S. and call in the big guns (that’s moi). 




First, we’ll take a deep dive into the guts and glory of your brand and business during our discovery phase (yup, the good, the bad and even the 90’s-prom-dress-level of embarrassingly ugly). We’ll chat one-on-one to get crystal clear on your brand’s values, target audience, style & more juicy stuff before me and the design team get all kinds of dreamy and schemey (without the sleaze).

Then, we whistle-while-we-werk-it behind the scenes on creating the brand strategy and tailor-made design that’ll give your dream customers tiny heart explosions #allthefeels. I’ll guide you through the design process step-by-step and we’ll serve up everything on a virtual silver platter for your review and stamp of approval before we move forward.

We hand over your final files of awesomeness (including three marketing pieces of your choice to shake your brand tailfeather) and we’ll wrap up with a 30-minute coaching call with yours truly (that’s ME), so you have the tools and next steps to launch your brand baby into the world with megawatt confidence! 


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The foundational HB Brand Strategy process, including an in-depth workbook walking you through the key branding elements we’ll need to know to get started. PLUS! Your 1 hour clarity & strategy session, so we can iron out any missing deets and chat through any branding hangups together!

Totally tailored brand strategy brief, including a summary of your target audience, brand vibe, voice, buzzwords and one-page moodboard design..all so you have a one-stop-snapshot of the look and feel of your spankin’ new brand. 

Custom hand-crafted set of logos, typography suite, curated colour palette, and unique pattern + element design...oh yes, all the pretty stuff that’ll make people say “I WANT THAT!” (drool-worthy + buy-worthy)



Snazzy social media imagery (think: shareable graphic templates, profile and cover photos...oh my!) and your choice of three marketing pieces...‘cause you’ll wanna show off your sexy new brand to the masses!

Multi-page brand style guide that pulls all your brand identity pieces in one neat-and-tidy place, so you can reference whenever you or your team needs to create something new for years to come - a convenient PDF to keep you on-brand with your content.

A 30-minute coaching call to tie your branding experience up with a pretty (and supportive) bow: want to start marketing your brand like a pro, and don’t know how? Or not sure what steps to take with your new brand identity? Let’s chat success strategy, so you can plot your next move!

“Ashley is amazing to work with! She really listened to my scattered ideas and conceptualized them to reflect myself and my business perfectly. Now that I have the perfect branding to reflect my work, I have the confidence to finally pursue my dream to branch out on my own and know I can get the right clientele to increase my business.  I'm looking forward to future of my business because now I have a professional, beautiful and customized brand identity that makes me excited to share (and brag) about what I have to offer!”




60-minute clarity call

Foundational HB Brand Strategy Workbook

Custom Brand Strategy Brief + Moodboard

Custom primary + submark logos, typography set, colour palette, patterns + elements

Custom social media imagery

Designs for three marketing pieces (ie: stationary, newsletter templates, postcards, etc)

Brand Style Guide

30-minute hand-off strategy session

Final folder of all deliverables, with full copyrights

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package includes:

Psst: I work on a limited number of Beauty By Design projects each month, so if you think we’d go together like peas and carrots, let’s chat about how we can create a totally drool-worthy beauty brand that puts your biz on the map!

Hi, I’m Ashley De Filippis - a totally brand-obsessed chick that helps beautypreneurs develop badass beauty brands! Coupling my behind-the-scenes beauty know-how from the corporate world with an intuitive zest for empowering solopreneurs going at it alone, I started doing this work to help bosses like you build a beauty brand that oozes personality and bumps hearts with your dream customers so that you can get more confident showcasing your stuff and make more bank!

Fueled with a mega-appetite for innovative, sustainable beauty, I founded Hologram Branding to help fellow beauty mavens who want to make a positive impact through their unique products build a brand and business full of heart and soul. 

Your product, your dream, and your gorgy heart are too damn special to hide behind a boring, blending in brand. All it takes is 6 weeks to give the people what they want (you!) and get you what you want (wild, bonkers success).

As the great philosopher Beyoncé would say, let’s dream hard, work hard, and grind ‘til we own it. 

That's what we in the biz call a win/win.

Want in?! Let’s Do The Damn Thang!

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Still have some Qs popping around that gorgeous head? This will help:

It really depends on what stage you’re at! Beauty By Design is a great place to start to set up your brand identity right at the get-go. The work we hash out together during the discovery phase helps to lay down that foundation base in brand development. However, in order to build a strategically-designed brand, you’ll need to be able to get super clear on your target audience and overall vision for your brand. If you feel you’d benefit from more in-depth strategy coaching before you’re ready to dive into visuals, I recommend working with me through my one-on-one mentorship program Beauty Brand Rehab first...check out the deets here!

Great question! The truth is that branding is SO much more than just your logo, my friend. I strongly believe that taking the time to establish strong brand roots is a fundamental part of your business so that we can create an entire brand experience that attracts your target audience vs. designing only one piece of the puzzle. My branding process encompasses the whole shebang so that you can cohesively attract those dreamy customers of yours!

Typically the Beauty By Design experience takes about 6 weeks from start to finish. However, the timeline is is dependent on a few things - client response time, if there are additional marketing pieces involved, or if the project scope is more than what’s included in the package - in which case, project timeline will be longer.

Sure can! Additional add-on services are available to Beauty By Design clients only once we wrap up your branding project. Just let me know and I’ll whip up a quote based on your needs.

On the money front, I totally get a solopreneur, you wanna make sure you’re spending your precious dollars in the right spots. I’ll ask one simple q: What kind of financial impact could intentional brand design have as a money-making, authentic converting machine for your business? As a brand strategist and coach through your design process, I’ve got your back to make sure we max out your experience to create a brand that truly represents the passionate beating heart behind what you do. Investing in your brand for the long haul? That’s sustainable beauty made to last!

No worries, lovely - I’ve got you covered! You might want to check out my Beauty Brand Rehab program, which is perfect for peeps who are looking for more guidance on their brand and business direction.

Yup! A 50% deposit is required to book your spot and the remaining balance is due within the week of our project start date.

Click the big shiny “book a free consult” button below and complete the contact form. Once I receive your message, I’ll reach out to schedule our free 30-minute chat so we can get to know each other a little better and see if we’re a good match for your project. If we’re a fit, I will send you an email including all the deets to move forward with the onboarding process!

No problemo, I’m happy to answer anything else to help you decide if this is a fit for you! Feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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