Branding + biz mentorship to take your brand from blah to Beyoncé

Running a beauty biz as a solopreneur—aka a beautypreneur—means wearing all the hats. 
And #allthethings can be overwhelming AF.

you wanna get your shit together so that you can:

Stand out with your brand out...after all you’re an original, babe...and so is your beauty brand (you just need to find a way to let the world know this truthbomb)

Attract dreamy customers to buy your stuff...‘cause really what’s the point in all this ass busting if no one’s buying? 

Throw up deuces to endless busy work and claim your sanity back (FOMO and YOLO are more than millennial acronyms)

End the ‘death by comparison trap’ that’s killing you (not so) softly with a shitty song that’s hiding your brand from the spotlight

Ditch the deer-in-headlights look when you try and convey your brand message (especially during that big-wig retailer pitch that you can’t afford to fuck up!)

You wonder if you’re ever gonna be able to really make a go at this running-your-own-business thing. Like for realz.

and the real kicker?

But all of those juicy things are pipe dreams because you feel stuck, directionless, and frazzled—flying by the seat of your pants doing it all on your own.  

‘Cause sometimes you just need someone to help you work through the hard shit that’s keeping you frozen...and a step-by-step (oooh, baby!) plan towards a killer brand foundation of awesomeness (gotta get to you girrrrrrl).

a 3-month, one-on-one mentorship program to help get your brand in formation so you can rake in the raving fans (and the profits)!

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Beauty Brand Rehab is here to the rescue...

lemme spill the tea:

Being an entrepreneur brings up all kinds of scary shit...with tidal waves of highs and lows more dramatic than an episode of Game Of Thrones.

One minute you’re rockin’ your shiz with Kayne-level confidence...the next, you’re like WTF-am-I-doing-and-who-the-hell-do-I-think-I-am-trying-to-do-this-solo?!


You want your beauty brand to say something...if only you could figure out what that is and how to say it

You’re spending oodles of dollars on things like packaging, logo and website design, marketing materials (all the things!) but still aren’t attracting your dream customers or standing out in the marketplace...w t actual f

Planning, systemizing, and time management ain’t exactly your forte (plus “schedules” makes you want to throw up in your mouth)…but operating like a scatterbrained mofo is seriously sucking your energy worse than the Dementors in Harry Potter, leaving you feeling pretty lifeless for, like, real life stuff (no bueno)

You’re so focused on all the behind-the-scenes product development that you don’t feel super-confident when it comes to marketing and sharing your story (or even knowing what the heck your story really is!)

What you want instead?
Is to clear the mental clutter, build rock-solid brand foundations and shift into action-taking gear like it’s nobody’s your business…




To get the party started, complete a questionnaire where you’ll ramp me up (& brain dump) about your biggest-and-most-annoying branding roadblocks and biz obstacles and what you wanna achieve in our time together, so that we can laser-focus on slaying those dragons Beyoncé style.

We’ll hop on a 60-minute pow-wow call every other week to work together on giving your beauty brand some major rehab treatment that’ll make you see clearly now the rain is gone. We’ll do some deep digging during most of our sessions, with some strategy magic tossed in. How we do this is up to you, ‘cause everybody needs something a little different!

You’ll jam on homework (the fun kind) between each session so that you’re actually taking action towards your goals - ‘cause that’s where the rubber meets the road, my friend! You’ve got me along for the ride to help push you forward (or light the fire under your ass) with the Wonderbra-like kind of support you need (and maybe some unsolicited car singing).



Some topics we can flesh out together:

Defining your brand values, vision, and voice to help shape your unique brand message and identify makes it different than anything else out there

Honing in on your ideal audience and dream customers so that you don’t have to be all the things to all the peeps (that shit’s exhausting) and can begin to attract loyal fans that keep a-comin’ back for more

Streamlining and curating your visual branding to be consistent and cohesive (no more hodgepodging or giving off those DIY, small-fry vibes, whoop whoop!)

Creating a simple and effective marketing plan that’s easy to put into action

Implementing systems and processes to organize and optimize your productivity game

6 x 1-hour one-on-one strategy sessions where we’ll hash out your biggest roadblocks together and break it down better than a hip hop remix to create a game plan that works (cue: massive clarity and actionable steps that’ll actually be fun)

Access to my brand development workbooks and tailor-made homework for you to jam on in between our sessions to help you dig deep into into your specific hot spots and goals. BOO-YAH!

You’ll also receive an Assessment + Action report after each session, recapping our discoveries and outlining recommended next steps so that you don’t fall into the quicksand trap.



And, duh, you’ll get unlimited email support for those “OMG-I’m-totally-stuck” moments (we all have them!), and ongoing motivation to help you push forward (I got your back!) So go ahead, pick my brain.

“Working with Ashley is like hanging out with your best friend - someone who supports you, truly listens to you, understands your needs better than you do yourself and gives you that much needed kick in the ass when needed!”



“I finally feel like I have my millions of ideas hashed out and clear direction on where I wanna take my brand next!”

You’re kinda new to this entrepreneur thang and want some in-depth guidance on establishing your core brand foundations to reach the right audience before investing in the whole design kit and kaboodle (ie: logo, colour palette, packaging, website…)

OR your beauty brand has been on the scene for a few-ish years, but you’re not reaching your dream customers or retailers to carry your line and need some clear direction and strategy so that you can stand out and get those sales rollin’ in

You’re feeling all kinds of Slim Shady (and not in the cool Eminem circa 2000 way) about your brand overall and need a major kick in the pants (with TLC, of course!) and a laser-focused game plan so that you can build the biz of your dreams

You’re totally overwhelmed and weighed down by #allthethings and want to get systems in place so that you can manage your time (and energy) like a pro

You want a simple, no-fluff process paired with mega accountability that makes it EASY to take action and get shit done

You’re looking for one-on-one focused attention that meets your where you’re at and delivers customized solutions specific to YOUR brand and business

This is definitely for you if:

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6 x bi-weekly 1 hour strategy sessions

In-depth brand development workbooks

Custom actionable homework exercises 

Assessment + Action reports after each session

12 weeks of email support

program investment:

$1,600 for 3 months of support


Let’s not think about all the precious time you’ve wasted procrastinating on building a totally dreamy brand and business sitting on your “I’ll-do-this-someday” list. 

And instead let’s think about how unrecognizable (in a good way!) your beauty brand will be after these 3 months of working together. (Read: crushing those biggest and baddest goals and raking in the fans and profits and feeling true to you the ENTIRE TIME).

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Hi, I’m Ashley De Filippis - a totally brand-obsessed chick that helps beautypreneurs develop badass beauty brands! Coupling my behind-the-scenes beauty know-how from the corporate world with an intuitive zest for empowering solopreneurs going at it alone, I started doing this work to help bosses like you build a beauty brand that oozes personality and bumps hearts with your dream customers so that you can get more confident showcasing your stuff and make more bank!

Fueled with a mega-appetite for innovative, sustainable beauty, I founded Hologram Branding to help fellow beauty mavens who want to make a positive impact through their unique products build a brand and business full of heart and soul. 

Still have some Qs popping around that gorgeous head? This will help:

That’s totally cool, Beauty Brand Rehab is actually a really great place to start to set up your brand right at the get-go! The work we hash out together helps to lay down that foundation base in brand development so that you’ll have a clear, super defined map when it comes to fun stuff like sourcing packaging, working on your logo or other creative artwork, developing marketing materials, etc.

It really depends on how much time you have to put in. Obviously the more you give, the more progress you’ll make (but of course you already know that!). On average, I’d say allow yourself 2-4 hours a week to really dive into each post-call exercise and prep for our next session. If you want to spend more time (because this shit is super-fun!), absolutely go balls to the wall! And remember that you have my ongoing support via email in between our sessions - so if you need a little friendly encouragement, feedback, or even some militant tough love to help you get your shit together, I’ve got you covered!

On the money front, I totally get a solopreneur, you wanna make sure you’re spending your precious dollars in the right spots. I’ll ask one simple q: What kind of financial impact could intentional brand strategy have as a money-making, authentic converting machine for your biz? As a brand strategist and coach, I’ve got your back to make sure we max out your experience to create customized solutions to your biggest branding woes...and that kinda clarity is pretty priceless!

If you’re still on the fence, The Clarity Call might be a better fit for ya—check out all the deets here.

Sure thang, sugar! I just ask that you give me at least 14 days notice so that I can ensure there’s availability in my schedule to pick up where we left off without a break between sessions. Then, we can book ya in for 3 more months of Beauty Brand Rehab one-on-one mentorship!

I’ve got ya covered! After our mentorship program wraps up, we can take all that dreamy-ness and schemey-ness to the next level with intentional, gorgeous design through my Beauty By Design package—check out the deets here.

Yup! A 50% deposit is required to book your spot and the remaining balance is due within the week of our start date.

Click the big shiny “book a free consult” button below and complete the contact form. Once I receive your message, I’ll reach out to schedule our free 30-minute chat so we can get to know each other a little better and see if we’d be good partners in crime. If we’re a fit, I will send you an email including all the deets to move forward with the onboarding process!

No problemo, I’m happy to answer anything else to help you decide if this is a fit for you! Feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Let’s Do The Damn Thang!

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