take your brand + biz from blah to Beyoncé
in 3 months!

Running a beauty biz as a solopreneur—aka a beautypreneur—means wearing all the hats. 
And #allthethings can be overwhelming AF.

you wanna get your ish together so that you can:

Stand out with your brand out...after all you’re an original, babe...and so is your beauty brand (you just need to find a way to let the world know this truthbomb)

Attract dreamy customers to buy your stuff...‘cause really what’s the point in all this ass busting if no one’s buying? 

Throw up deuces to endless busy work and claim your sanity back (FOMO and YOLO are more than millennial acronyms)

End the ‘death by comparison trap’ that’s killing you (not so) softly with a shitty song that’s hiding your brand from the spotlight

Quit being all the things to all the peeps (that sh*t’s exhausting) and begin to attract loyal fans that keep a-comin’ back for more

You wonder if you’re ever gonna be able to really make a go at this running-your-own-business thing. Like for realz.

and the real kicker?

But all of these juicy things are pipe dreams because you feel stuck, directionless, and frazzled—flying by the seat of your pants doing it all on your own.  

'cause let's be real...

Being an entrepreneur brings up all kinds of scaries...
with tidal waves of highs and lows more dramatic than an episode of Game Of Thrones.

One minute you’re rockin’ your shiz with Kayne-level confidence...the next, you’re like WTF-am-I-doing-and-who-the-hell-do-I-think-I-am-trying-to-do-this-solo?!


Spreading yourself thin doing #allthethings (‘cause those fancypants biz gurus said so)...instead of focusing on what’ll actually move the needle in your business

You’re spending oodles of dollars on things like packaging, logo and website design, marketing materials (all the things!) but still aren’t attracting your dream customers or standing out in the marketplace...w t actual f

Spinning your wheels in analysis paralysis about eh-very-thing...and that kinda dog-tail-chasing ain’t getting you nowhere (sad trumpet sound)

Planning, systemizing, and time management? Ain’t exactly your forte (plus “schedules” makes you want to throw up in your mouth). Butttttt operating like a scatterbrained mofo is seriously sucking your energy worse than the Dementors in Harry Potter, leaving you feeling pretty lifeless for, like, real life stuff  (no bueno)

Feeling major FOMO whenever you see a new marketing tactic (hello, shiny object syndrome!) and a major surge of comparisonitus come up every time you notice a fellow beautypreneur leveling up in a big way

Is to clear the mental clutter, spot treat the problem areas in your brand + biz and shift into action-taking gear like it’s nobody’s your business…

what you want instead?

Here’s why you’ve been stuck on the hustle hamster wheel for (way) too long:

Truth talk: Doing #allthethings is a one-way ticket aboard the Hot Mess Express. And that speed train will get you nowhere.

Being inspired by new ideas and strategies is AWESOME...but it doesn’t mean you’ve gotta implement them all at once (or even at all!)

It’s in knowing what’ll work for YOUR biz and the right sequence to execute these initiatives that allows you to grow your beauty biz sustainably on the daily (with your sanity in tact!) 

What you need:

Clarity on what your brand *actually* needs to move the needle forward and a rock-solid, “first do this, then do that” roadmap that streamlines your biz-building efforts and activates your goal-crushing success.

Somewhere along this entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride, you lost touch with why you started your beauty biz in the first place. 

Or maybe you never really had a brand vision to begin with.

Or maybeeeee you’ve been scared to breathe life into your big dreams because they feel unattainable and unachievable.

Either way, it’s hard to build a blueprint for sparkly success if you don’t know where you wanna go and how the heck to get there. 

What you need:

To define your business goals (even the scary hairy ones) and clarify your brand vision so that you can make aligned decisions with mega confidence.

Lookit, I get it. The emotional/mental/financial struggle is real when you’re running the show on your own. I know because I’ve been there and done that (tenfold)!

But what I also know to be true? 

When we invest in our dreams (and in ourselves) and get the help we need...really amazing things can happen to skyrocket our success. And I betchur bottom dollar that’s the sweet stuff you’re really after.

What you need:

A simple, laser-focused plan, experimental mindset, and ongoing accountability to help you make massive shifts in your beauty brand with more ease...and WAY more fun!

I’m just gonna come right out and say it…

Your strategy needs structure.

Sorry pal, but haphazard efforts = half-assed results. And ain’t nobody got time for that...especially a visionary vixen like you!

The really good news is that creating streamlined systems, processes and routines into your business doesn’t have to be uber complicated or super boring.

You can have the freedom, flexibility AND increased productivity...and I’ma show you how!

Isn’t it about time you bust through these blocks like a BOSS?

Impressing the pants off of your peeps (aka those dream customers and retail buyers) with a clear and cohesive brand that’s irresistible and impactful

Jumping outta bed like it’s Christmas morning…’cause you’ve got a simplified, clear-cut action plan to move your business forward with intention and focus on #alltheRIGHTthings

Owning your time like a boss so you can have more freedom to do the fun, creative stuff that fuels your visionary mojo

Feeling fired-up to tackle your to-do list without breaking into a cold sweat (or burning out)

Spending your precious resources (time, energy, and moo-lah) on what’ll actually help boost your bottom line

Having a supportive sidekick to help you get you out of your head and into motion so that you can (finally) bring your big biz vision to life

Renewed energy and confidence in how your brand shows up on the beauty scene

Running your beauty biz with more ease, joy, and heart-pumpin’ purpose (alllll the good feels!)

Picture this...


Hi, I’m Ashley De Filippis - a beauty brand strategist and business coach who helps beautypreneurs to up level their brand, captivate their crew and build a biz that feels good (and does good) in the world...without burning out in the process.

Coupling my 15+ years of corporate beauty industry experience with an intuitive zest for empowering solopreneurs going at it alone, I’m on a mission to end the hustle addiction that paralyzes so many entrepreneurs so they can create a biz they love and define success on their own terms.

And if you’re all about that life, then stick with me, pal!

“Working with Ashley is like hanging out with your best friend - someone who supports you, truly listens to you, understands your needs better than you do yourself and gives you that much needed kick in the ass when needed!”



“Before working with Ashley I felt pulled in a million directions of what my business was demanding of me, often getting distracted by seeing what my competitors were doing and feeling like I had to do the same things in order to be successful. Ashley helped me cut my overwhelm by keeping me focused on what my business needs the most and breaking up with the comparison game that was keeping me stuck. I can’t even begin to explain the clarity, time and energy I now have, thanks to Ashley and her amazing process! You’ve gotta work with this girl!”


“Ashley is incredible at what she does and genuinely loves to help people and see their businesses succeed.
You will not find anyone better when it comes to brand strategy within the beauty industry.”

‘Cause sometimes you just need someone to swoop in, get all up in your biz (in a good way)...and give you a step-by-step (oooh, baby!) plan to help take your beauty brand to sparkly new heights (gotta get to you girrrrrrl).

*cue: massive clarity + strategic serenity*

a 3-month step-by-step process with one-on-one support to help get your brand in formation so you can rake in the raving fans (and the profits)!

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Beauty Brand Rehab is here to the rescue...

Your beauty brand has been on the scene for a few-ish years, but you’re not reaching your dream customers or retailers to carry your line and need some clear direction and strategy so that you can stand out and get those sales rollin’ in

You’re feeling all kinds of Slim Shady (and not in the cool Eminem circa 2000 way) about your brand overall and need a major kick in the pants (with TLC, of course!) and a laser-focused game plan so that you can build the biz of your dreams

You’re totally overwhelmed and weighed down by #allthethings and want to manage your time (and energy) like a pro

You want a simple, no-fluff process paired with mega accountability that makes it EASY to take action and get shit done

You’re looking for one-on-one focused attention that meets your where you’re at and delivers customized solutions specific to YOUR brand and business

You’re a self-motivated go-getter who’s ready to let old habits die hard à la Bruce Willis style

This is definitely for you if:

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If you’re Dr Dre head-nodding to this, you’re a perfect fit!

Working through my signature 5-step ‘Hologram’ process, we’ll inject a mega dose of momentum into your business to help you reach those big, beautiful goals of yours

it's like Marie Kondo'ing your brand so you can spark joy in your biz again

Here's how it works...

Release the belief that your ambitious goals are just lofty pipe dreams and let me help you identify your biggest-and-most-annoying branding roadblocks and biz obstacles so that we can laser-focus on slaying those dragons Beyoncé style

60-minute Business Analysis On-boarding Call

We’ll get the party started by reviewing the current state of your brand and defining your business goals so we can set objectives for what you want to achieve. You’ll leave this sesh brimming with optimism and feeling re-energized about your brand and biz. 

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Ditch the analysis paralysis when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your current brand and get the clarity you need to create a success blueprint that aligns with your unique brand vision and business goals

A customized Brand + Biz Audit Report

I’ll complete an in-depth evaluation of your front-facing brand elements and behind-the-scenes operations so we can discover all the juicy potential within your beauty business (oh yes, the sweet stuff!)

phase 02 con't >




Ditch the analysis paralysis when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your current brand and get the clarity you need to create a success blueprint that aligns with your unique brand vision and business goals

90-minute Evaluation Review Call
We’ll review these insights together with some strategy magic around where you can give your beauty brand some major rehab treatment so we can create your focus plan for the next 90 days. You’ll feel your creative mojo a-comin’ back ten fold!

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Say sayonara to feeling overwhelmed by #allthethings you think you’re supposed to do in your biz and an enthusiastic HELLO to gaining massive momentum (and results) by honing in on one brand amplifying initiative!

Prepared Project Plan

You’ll get a completely customized step-by-step blueprint from yours truly (that’s me!) with the exact action steps to take in order to achieve your focus goal over the next 90 days so you can actually get shit done (KA-POW!)

phase 03 con't >


hone + focus


Say sayonara to feeling overwhelmed by #allthethings you think you’re supposed to do in your biz and an enthusiastic HELLO to gaining massive momentum (and results) by honing in on one brand amplifying initiative!

60-minute Review Call

We’ll go over all the deets of your Project Plan together so that you feel amped up to activate with ease

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hone + focus


Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a your stride when you’ve got a supportive sidekick (that’s me!) to help push you forward
(or light the fire under your butt) when you need it!

2 additional 45-min Support Calls

As you activate your Project Plan, I’m here to help keep you accountable, hash out any details together, and work through any roadblocks that may come up so that you feel supported every step of the way (I’ve gotchu, boo!)

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Banish burnout from sabotaging your time and energy and build beautiful boundaries that amplifies your productivity!

60-min Boost + Balance Call

We’ll boost the awesome momentum you’ve created by strategizing systems and structures you can implement with ease so you can set yourself up for goal-crushing success for the long-haul. Reclaimed sanity never felt so good!


balance + boundaries

NEXT phase >

You, me, crushin’ it together for 3 months to overcome the big roadblocks to your success and create a game plan that’s tailored to your goals so you can finally achieve the clarity, focus and results you deserve.

A done-for-you holistic analysis of your brand and business so we can identify key areas of opportunity and create a customized strategy to get your branding and business woes solved with some clear-cut direction to get ‘er done.

Take the guesswork outta what the eff to do next, thanks to your tailor-made digital project plan! You’ll be movin’ and groovin’ with mega momentum (and dose of badassery) in no time!



6 x one-on-one strategy sessions

Value: $5,500 

Brand + Biz Audit Report

Value: $3,500

Custom Project Plan

Value: $2,500 

Stuck on defining your brand voice? Wanna nail down your brand position? You’ve got VIP access to my brand-building tool kit to help you dig deep into specific branding hot spots where you could use a helping hand. BOO-YAH!

plus these bonus goodies!

For those “OMG-I’m-totally-stuck” moments and ongoing support to help you push forward and keep you on-task in between our sessions (Accountability for the win!) 

Access to my in-depth signature brand development worksheets + additional resources

Private Slack channel with unlimited support during our time together

Value: $2,000

VALUE: $1,500

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That’s a total program value of $15,000, but your real investment? Only a fraction of that!

“My struggle is always having too many ideas and not knowing how to sift through them myself. Ashley is a detailed thinker who knows how to break the big picture vision down into detailed action steps. Being truly seen, heard, and understood is rare to find when working with anyone and Ashley has this gift. She took the time to get to know, not only my business and my brand, but me as the person, which resulted in some incredibly detailed and unique-to-me suggestions that have done wonders for my business! Ashley is incredibly caring, whip smart, and has helped my business soar to places I could only imagine a year ago! ”



“I love how the BBR program really got me thinking about all areas of my business. It helped me to see patterns of where my business is lacking and pinpoint a specific area to focus on to strategically grow my business. I felt supported by Ashley every step of the way, which helped keep me accountable and on track with my biggest priorities. I couldn’t recommend working with Ashley enough!”


“I finally feel like I have my millions of ideas hashed out and clear direction on where I wanna take my brand next!”

Let’s not think about all the precious time you’ve wasted procrastinating on building a totally dreamy brand and business sitting on your “I’ll-do-this-someday” list. 

And instead let’s think about how unrecognizable (in a good way!) your beauty brand will be after these 3 months of working together. (Read: crushing those biggest and baddest goals and raking in the fans and profits and feeling true to you the ENTIRE TIME).


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When it comes to doing this entrepreneurial thang, you generally have 2 options:

Comparison can be an emotional, mental and financial trap that can get really ugly, really fast! When you’re constantly looking at your competitors as the gold standard of what it takes to play in the beauty biz game, your brand vision and business goals often get clouded by confusion, self-doubt, and aimless decision

Spending countless hours trying to piece together everything you’ve learned on the internet

One of the biggest reasons that people get stuck in overwhelm is because they don’t have a clear strategy that aligns with their business goals. Or don’t even know what their goals really are in the first place! There’s a lotta info on the interwebs that you can try and piece-meal together on your own, but how much time and energy are you willing to spend staying where you are?

Breaking bank on all the things you *think* you need in your business to keep up with the Joneses competition



Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found myself in each of these camps somewhere along my biz journey.
And sometimes you’ve gotta be in those trenches to realize that doing things this way ain’t working for you (been there, done that).

But here’s the BIGGEST reason that you should rule out both of those options immediately:

There’s a better way to uplevel your beauty business without running yo’self ragged...
and Beauty Brand Rehab is your ticket!

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Still have some Qs popping around that gorgeous head? This will help:

That’s totally up to you, m’friend! ‘Cause here’s the thing...clarity comes from action. So you’ll only get out of this mentorship experience what you put in. I betchur bottom dollar if you approach our time together with an in-it-to-win-it attitude, do the work, and keep up the awesome momentum, you’re gonna see some beautiful shifts in your brand + biz

The beauty (hah!) of Beauty Brand Rehab is so you can check yo’self before you wreck yo’self...and you’ve got my support every step of the way. This step-by-step program is designed to clear the mental clutter that’s creating the overwhelm and burnout you’re currently experiencing and help you focus on one thing at a time. Stick with the plan and I’ll keep you on track...pinky-promise!

I don’t believe there's a one-size-fits-all solution to your branding + business woes, so I ain’t gonna dish a one-size-fits-all strategy. This is about taking a “less is more” approach to take your beauty biz to sparkly new heights with more ease and a helluva lot more fun! You do you, boo - and I’ma show you how.

I hear ya! Making the time to work ON your business can be tough. The goal of the Beauty Brand Rehab system is to help you take a more intentional and impactful approach within your biz so you can throw deuces to endless busy work and claim your sanity back with one-on-one support to keep you accountable. 

By really focusing for 90 days (and putting in the time and effort to do the work), you’ll be able to create massive momentum within your business and move forward with mega clarity on what matters most. However, if you’re looking to limply hand over your credit card and hope I magically fix everything for you, without taking action yourself, then sorry pal, this ain’t the mentorship program you’re looking for.

Sure thang, sugar! I just ask that you give me at least 14 days notice so that I can ensure there’s availability in my schedule to pick up where we left off without a break between sessions. Then, we can book ya in for 3 more months of Beauty Brand Rehab one-on-one mentorship!

On the money front, I totally get it...as a solopreneur, you wanna make sure you’re spending your precious dollars in the right spots. I’ll ask one simple Q: What kind of financial impact could intentional brand + business strategy have as a money-making, authentic converting machine for your biz? What is flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants really costing you (in more ways than moolah)? As a brand strategist and coach, I’ve got your back to make sure we max out your experience to create customized solutions to your biggest branding + biz woes...and that kinda clarity is pretty priceless!

Click the big shiny “book a free consult” button below and you’ll be directed to my online appointment scheduler, where you can book your free 30-minute chat so we can get to know each other a little better and see if we’d be good partners in crime. If we’re a fit, I will send you all the official deets to move forward with the onboarding process!

No problemo, I’m happy to answer anything else to help you decide if this is a fit for you! Click on the big shiny “book a free consult” button below so we can schedule a 30-minute call to chat further.

Let’s Do The Damn Thang!

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